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    Your Fav/Least Fav Class Empty Your Fav/Least Fav Class

    Post by Acryptik on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:06 pm

    Out of all of the classes that you have actually played, which one is your favorite of them all and why? Which is your least favorite?

    You can choose more than one, just give reasonings. =x


    My favorite... obviously Knight. I guess it's because I'm more of a charge forth type of person in all games that I play, especially first-person shooters but I don't really like thief or martial artist as much since they take a lot more damage than tanks do.

    My least favorite... almost every other class. lol Getting frustrated with Warrior. Seems pointless as a tank until it hits 50 really.

    [My favorite of all is likely to be Templar once it's released though. Or Samurai Very Happy)

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