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    Introduce Yourself Empty Introduce Yourself

    Post by Acryptik on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:16 pm

    Just tell us a bit about yourself so that the ones that do end up using this forum will get to know one another better. Could be interests/hobbies/favorites, random stuff about yourself, age, country, first name, whatever. Just don't go giving out your bank information or actual address or anything. LOL. Might have some psycho show up at your house dressed up as a bard, hoping to give you some of his "Burning Metal". You never know!


    I'll start us off, I guess...

    My name is William, I'm 25, live in North Carolina [USA], I used to work at WalMart 3rd shifts as the pets section stocker. Quit that because they were slave driving me. I'm pursuing a career in auto mechanics, since I'm really good at it and can pretty much do everything down to stripping and rebuilding engines.

    Interests-wise... I like to study the paranormal.. I like horror/martial arts/comedy/action type movies more than the rest. Musically, I listen to almost everything, but I tend to prefer Progressive/Power/Symphonic Metal - favorite band being Kamelot. I love RPGs, particularly SNES RPGs. PS1-2 isn't that bad either. Love First-Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategy, stuff like that too.

    Major Doctor Who/Torchwood addict. Same with Supernatural. Was really into Lost when it was airing. Currently addicted to The Office. lol [It's what I'm doing when I don't respond in-game most of the time.]

    I'll tell more later in other topics, or you can ask stuff if you want. lol

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